Smart LED Lighting for Schools

With schools across the country looking for ways to save money while providing a better experience for their students, LED lighting has become quite popular. The Light Emitting Diode (LED) offers many advantages for grade schools, high schools, and higher education institutions. For administrators and teachers, smart LED lighting is proving to be quite valuable. 

Energy Efficient

One of the best-known advantages of the LED is its energy efficiency. Compared to old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, LEDs use just a fraction of the electricity. This means that schools save money on their utility bills, but there are more advantages associated with energy savings.

LEDs are also quite durable, especially compared to fluorescent bulbs which are quite fragile. This means fewer replacements while lasting even longer. The reduced energy consumption combined with longer life and durable construction means LEDs save money. However, there are additional advantages as well.


Schools face a number of dangers that require early detection and warning to save lives. From the threat of fire, severe storms, and direct attacks on students from gun-carrying assailants, smart LED lighting offers one method to help save lives. Smart LED lighting provides an early warning to students and teachers to take cover in case of tornados or attacks on the school. By using different colors and codes, the warning can also be used to evacuate the building if a fire breaks out.

The early detection combined with smart LED lighting means more lives are protected. Plus, with the durability of the LED, it means that detection systems can operate efficiently for many years. This provides a powerful way for administrators to warn teachers and students of imminent danger and where to go.

LED Lighting Helps Autistic Children

Recent studies have shown that LED lighting has a positive effect on those with autism. While it does not necessarily improve their condition, it does create a warmer light compared to fluorescents which makes for a calmer atmosphere. This has to do with the consistency of the light and its color scheme.  

Basically, the flickering light associated with fluorescents causes considerable havoc with many autistic children. LED lighting does not flicker nor make any noise which helps those with autism focus and remain calm. Plus, the colors that can be used in the lighting increase the calming effect. The atmosphere created by the smart LED lighting means that autistic children are calmer, more focused, and happier.

Future of Smart LED Lighting for Schools

As more school administrators and teachers understand the benefits of smart LED lighting, the more popular it will become. In addition to the benefits for energy consumption, safety, and helping autistic students, LED lighting also helps protect the environment.

The reduced carbon footprint means less energy needs to be generated. Plus, the long-lasting LED lighting means fewer bulbs are thrown away, reducing the amount going into landfills. The environmental benefits alone are enough for LEDs to be used. However, their combined benefits mean protection, better conditions for autistic students, and an overall warmer atmosphere inside the classroom.

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