Is Your Technology “Dressed to Impress” Your Clients?

Gone are the 9-5 banker’s hours and getting back to someone’s email or voicemail tomorrow.

In today’s world of instant gratification, clients expect you to always be there for them when they need you. And with endless options of competitors in the market, If you aren’t available for your clients when they need you, you better believe they will find someone else who is.

This is why it is so crucial for businesses to determine that they are fully utilizing their current technology or risk falling behind the competition. In the modern age, when your technology isn’t on par with everyone else, you can risk losing the stamp of legitimacy in the your client’s eyes. On the flip side, a small company who boost their current technology can come across looking like a giant operation with some minor upgrades to their systems.

The best analogy I have for this is the old motto “Dressed to Impress” – you want to come across as sharp and on top of your game as possible when dealing with your clients, current and prospective. At FocusTEM we assist our clients of all sizes in shoring up their technology and implementing new solutions that boost productivity and efficiency and here are some of the ways how.

Hosted E-Mail

A no-brainer, but must still be said…I am truly shocked at how many emails we get from business professionals which include @yahoo, @gmail , @outlook. Now not to take anything away from the services provided by the tech giants, I use them personally each day, but when doing your business dealings, you really want to avoid these free services.

Free email accounts are typically number one on SPAM filters, meaning your messages may never to their inbox in the first place. Also they have no support, meaning if you get locked out of your account or hacked (over 270 million  Yahoo mail accounts were breached in 2015 alone), good luck getting in contact with Yahoo or Google support to help you get back in. Years of business contacts and emails could have been forever locked up on their servers, with no chance of you ever getting them back. Not to mention client’s not wanting to send any sensitive information, such as credit card information or signed documents, over these free services.

Long story short, today it is too easy to get a domain name and E-Mail for your company not to have it. It screams unprofessional, and with all the recent hacks of these free services, it screams UNSECURE louder.

Being Remote With the Cloud

There will come a time when a client needs you while you are away from your office. Are you ready for that? What about them needing you to make a visit to their office, can you quickly and easily access all the necessary documents and files needed to assist them?

Ask yourself this, wouldn’t you want to work with someone who was always prepared and always had the answers?

Have your office and documents with you wherever you are, and with whatever device you happen to have with you at that time with our cloud solutions. FocusTEM helps companies migrate their business to the cloud meaning that all their vital documents and files are just a click away, while being stored safely and securely on the cloud.

Be able to have two coworkers review and collaborate on a document simultaneously while being on opposite ends of the office …or country. Pull up a sales contract in your lobby… or your client’s conference room. Access your desktop computer in Ohio from the Swiss Alps.

With the assistance of the cloud you can take your business with you anywhere you are, allowing for you to always be there for your clients without always being tied down to your office.

Unified Communications 

Why companies still pay for standard telephone service from their ISPs is beyond me. Voice over IP or VoIP, allows companies to take their traditional phone systems and turn them virtual, unleashing a host of new advantages to generate business.

VoIP allows you to have your work number with you anywhere you are. Say goodbye to missed calls and missed sales, as VoIP can have your number ring on all your devices at once. Not by your desk phone for that important sales call? No worries, your laptop will ring… and your tablet, and your cell phone.

VoIP also allows you to create a call flow to boost productivity. Do you want your sales calls to be evenly distributed or do you want your top sales closer to get the most sales calls possible? Set up hunt groups to ensure the best employee for the task is the one tackling it.

Set up video conferences for those big sales calls, or get a company wide messaging system going so everyone is in the loop. Get detailed analytics about all your calls, such as the time it took for an employee to resolve an issue for a client or the demographics of clients making the inbound calls. Allowing a company to better understand how best to utilize their training and marketing budgets.

At Focus TEM we understand it can be challenging to find and implement the right solution for your business, but it is not something you have to do alone. Let the experts at FocusTEM be your partner in navigating and selecting the best services for your business from the numerous  offerings in the market. Contact FocusTEM for your free telecommunication audit to obtain a list of recommendations to make your company’s technology second to none.

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