LEDs for Retail and Warehouses

The heart of running a profitable business is controlling costs. No matter the profit you make, if you are spending more in running your retail shop or warehouse, you put your business in a dire situation. One way to better control cost is through the use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting systems.

You may be using LEDs in your home or office right now. Their use has increased considerably over the past several years as incandescent lights have been on the decline. However, many business owners are discovering the benefits of this type of lighting system.

What is LED Lighting?

A concept that has been around for over a century, LEDs are small diodes that emit light at a fraction of the energy use compared to incandescent bulbs. In addition, LEDs are far more durable and impact-resistant compared to fluorescent bulbs. This means that business owners can save a considerable amount on their energy usage over time switching to LEDs.

The reduced energy use means a lower electricity bill that you will see every month. Plus, because many LEDs last for 100,000 hours of use or more, you are replacing them less often. Fewer replacements means spending less money. However, there are other benefits besides lower energy costs to switching to LEDs.


Lower energy and replacement costs benefit your bottom line. LEDs also offer other advantages due to the advanced technology inside the diodes.

Count Door Swings: LEDs can be hooked to sensors that count the time the door swings open. This means that you know just how many times someone comes through the door. Over time, you will know when your retail shop or warehouse is most active and set employee schedules accordingly. This means being short-handed less often and having enough personnel during the busiest times of your business.

Monitor Criminal Activity: When attached to sensors, your shop or warehouse will light up if movement is detected. Using LEDs means that the area is brightly lit instantly which dissuades criminals from proceeding with the break-in. You will also be notified when the lights are triggered on at night, so that the authorities can be alerted.

Plus, you can combine LED lights with your security system, seeing instantly if the lights being triggered was due to the entry of a criminal. If the cause was something else, then the authorities will not have to be alerted. And, you can deal with the false alarms more efficiently.

Why Choose LEDs for Retail and Warehouse Businesses?

The aforementioned reasons of lower energy costs, knowing when customers enter and leave, and reducing criminal activity are certainly sound. In addition, there is the peace of mind that comes from knowing the lighting system is strong, durable, and long-lasting.

Today, LEDs are being used in businesses and residences across the country. Because the cost of purchasing LEDs has been significantly reduced, they are a great solution for business owners looking to control costs, monitor customer or vehicle entry, and even lower the potential for successful break-ins from occurring.

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