Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting

While fluorescent lighting has been a mainstay of commercial buildings and facilities, LED lighting has been making strong inroads over the past decade. There are good reasons why the LED is now being considered superior to fluorescent for businesses that are conscious about their budget and lighting needs. What follows are just a few of the many benefits that LED lighting provides to businesses of all sizes.

Energy Efficiency & No Heat

LEDs share the same ability as fluorescents in terms of their energy efficiency and being cool to the touch. It not only means that you save money on your electric bill directly compared to incandescent bulbs, but also because the LED lights generate little in the way of heat which means that your air conditioner runs less often.


If there is one remarkable quality about LEDs that makes them head-and-shoulders above fluorescents and incandescent bulbs is their remarkable toughness. Because of their construction, LEDs are quite difficult to break, holding up to extreme temperature differences, and making them easy to transport.


The blueish nature of fluorescents lights are well-known and can be irritating to some people. LED lights are more natural, and its coloring can be altered if need be for certain situations. Studies have shown that more people enjoy the color given off by LEDs which makes for a happier workplace that translates to more productivity.


In addition to being durable, LED lights will last on average from 50,000 up to 100,000 hours or more. Compare that to typical, traditional lighting that might reach 30,000 hours, but often falls short of that. It’s little wonder that when residents move, they often take their LED lights with them. Businesses will benefit as well by not having to replace LEDs as often.


One issue with fluorescent bulbs is that the contain small amounts of mercury. While the chances of becoming sick through exposure to the mercury is small, LED lights contain no mercury, nor do they have any CO2. This means that LEDs are far safer for you and the environment.


LED lights can have many different settings, from using dimmers to timers, sensors for occupancy, and optimizing smart-phone usage. Because the LED technology allows for so many changes, you can use it in many different situations.


Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of LED lighting is its versatility. It can be used indoors and outdoors with equal effect. You can even use LED lights in your parking lot, saving money on electricity while still providing plenty of light.

While fluorescent lighting is energy efficient and cool to the touch, their fragility limits their use in terms of many lighting situations. LED lights are rugged, durable, and quite long-lasting making them the perfect solution for your commercial lighting needs. Plus, the versatility of the LEDs means that you can use them in a wide variety of situations. No need to purchase multiple types of bulbs when LEDs can do the work.

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